– Beauty Products by Alberto Culver

The Alberto Culver Company, recently bought by consumer giant Unilever Group, create and distribute many household names in personal beauty products, for example VO5, St. Ives, Nexus, Consort, tcb, and Tresemme. If you have ever washed your hair (and I really hope you have!) you have probably used a product from their range, found at, at some point in your life.

The Alberto Culver website, found at, is a great jumping off point for more information about all their products. The ‘Brands’ page provides links to more specific web pages on each product such as Nozema, Motions, Soft & Beautiful, and Simple. If you are looking for coupons, distributors, or ingredient lists these individual websites are where to find them.

If you are thinking about a career within the beauty care industry, a good place to start would be to review the individual websites found summarized on the brands page on and then click on the link on the careers page which will direct you to the Unilever Group website. Having a thorough knowledge of a company’s product is vital in applying for a position with that company. You will definitely have an advantage over the competition.

Investors in this beauty products company will be interested in the dedicated Investors page, which provides information for shareholders about the recent Unilever buy-out including contact information for further details. If you specifically need to contact the Company, click on the Contact tab at the bottom of the screen and a contact form will be available to enter questions/messages directly to the company.

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