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Aircraft that have both water and land capability are the highlight of The Thurston Teal is featured for its historical and modern presence in the world of aeronautics. Airboats, as the amphibious airplanes are sometimes called, have a wide application across environments around the world. Everywhere small aircraft are needed, land and sea planes take center stage. Albers provides links to many of the facets of aircraft ownership and interest.


The Teal has a thirty year history of reliable flight. It is no surprise that this aircraft is the template for dozens of modifications and customized designs. The Super AeroMarine provides added power and range. The Stol Amphibious also offers seasonal modifications to ensure optimal performance. On the practical applications of small planes like the Teal and Stol Ambphibious are easily accessible.

David Thurston, Iren Donier, Claude Dornier, and Steinar Saevdal are featured in many of the historical and pictorial displays on In addition to the legacy of these flight enthusiasts, the evolution of the Teal and other amphibious airplanes is on vivid display. Operation, specifications, photographs and literature pertinent to small aircraft ownership is available on Albers. Even pilots interested in purchasing a new or modified land and water planes find resources and direct advertisement of suitable aircraft. is a comprehensive resource for owners and prospective pilots of the versatile and surprisingly spacious land and water planes lie the Thurston Teal.

The need for small designs in airplanes is ever present. Pilots in recreational and business industries find useful information on Albers. Vivid and professional outlines guide enthusiasts and entice new pilots to join in the pride of operating one of the world’s most useful airplanes. has the clear and accurate information that anyone in the field of aeronautics finds fascinating.

Author : Jason Taylor

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