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Whether you are looking for an adventure, looking to start a business, or trying to find the beauty of nature, is the site to visit. This website contains all of the information a person could desire about Albemarle, whether they live there or will be passing through. There is posted Information about available jobs and what to expect during tax season. offers the resources citizens need and instructions for how to do things such as applying to vote. The site has the answers to any questions citizens may have, whether they concern laws about pets or maps for local trails. There is even a place to apply for food stamps online. Albemarle is a place open to new people and businesses. They provide the tax numbers and data businesses need to know about if they are interested in putting a branch in Albemarle. Additionally, there are many articles about parks and the amenities offered, and it has great pictures and information about attractions for visitors. There is also a section containing the local news on this webpage. Another section contains crucial information concerning the departments and services of Albemarle, ranging from the recycling provisions to Albemarle’s police force. A calendar is provided as well. Citizens are able to see what their local committees will be planning and organizing throughout the course of the month. On top of all of this, also has links to stay connected. There are links to Facebook, Flickr, and Youtube. This website really connects the people with all of the information they need.

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