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If you are considering a trip to Albany, New York, look no further than This is your one stop shop for all things pertaining to living, visiting or doing business in New York’s capitol city. The main purpose of this site is for tourism and events. Here you will find everything from hotels to wedding halls. The site is as flashy as it is useful and gives a modern yet functional appeal to the average visitor.

The landing page offers not only categorized sections but features scrolling highlights of specials and events throughout the area. Some of these include dining deals, festivals and a blog all about Albany. Often times when people are looking for information they have to search numerous sites to get to what they are looking for, with you can find all of these conveniently in one site. The site includes easy to use calendars, weather reports, city guides and many other amenities to plan your trip or to explore once you find yourself in town. is regularly updated to keep up with the latest happenings in the area. A simple search of the calendar displays this quite nicely. Using the site is very simple given the drop down category menus at the top of the page for even the most primitive of computer users. Another neat feature is the news feed straight from the local television channel located midway down on the right side. So all in all provides a wealth of information in one easy to use site.

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