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The website is a resource devoted to offering customers the best care and service for their cable television and internet. The website provides customers with pricing on different cable packages along with providing pricing on telephone and internet. On, customers can look at special bundle packages that will contain all the services available (cable, telephone and internet) for a special rate. The site provides great service to each customer. There is a support option that allows visitors to immediately contact a customer service rep and get an answer to any question they have. There are various contact options on the site so customers can get in touch with their provider, and phone numbers and email are readily available so that any concern can be addressed.

The website allows the consumer to order the service very easily with just a few simple clicks. Once a customer, you can pay your bill on, login and view your channel line-up and even report cable theft. The site is devoted to offering the best service available in the state of Alabama. Aside from information about each product, special offers are also advertised as well as community news. On alabamabroadband, customers can stay up to date with all of the latest information and changes regarding services in their local community. Careers can also be obtained on Customers are able to look up employment opportunities and potentially join the team. This resource is devoted to informing and assisting each loyal customer with all their needs and concerns.

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