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The curators of the online website have placed online a destination where people can come and study the doctrine and governance of Islam. With many pages devoted to the explanation of the religion of Islam and the Quran, the site is alive with information. Links are available that play audio readings and recitations from the Holy Quran, and also interpretations from scholars and sheikhs. Topics which are covered on extensively include the Islam faith and ethics, and morality as taught by the faith. Most common topics to Islam are addressed including worship and dress guidance along with beverages and foods that are permitted and their preparations. An entire portion of the site is constructed to help document and determine inheritance and status of properties being inherited. There are numerous Quranic studies and audio recordings, recitations and translations for guests and an excellent search engine built directly into the site.


The website also has a wonderful version of the Holy Quran with options to display the text of the book in five different languages and multiple interpretations. A comprehensive biography of the Prophet, peace be upon him, and a timeline of the events of the biography is easily followed with time maps, and indexes. The entire biography is easily searched by verse or places, conversations or battles, invasions or archeology. A library of images and pictures of the letters from the Prophet, may peace be upon him, are prominently available. The entire website is open and welcoming to all persons and is best viewed in its original Arabic, but offers page translations for English and a few other languages.

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