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The online version of the popular Turkish news gazette can be found at All the stories that are featured in the print version are available online for reading and updated throughout the entire day. The site automatically refreshes with the latest headlines and events of interest to Turkey. Much like the print edition, there are sections for technology, women, and culture. Readers at will also find listings for art, life, dining, and more. Stories that are breaking and fresh are also immediately posted well before print deadlines. The news is not just about Turkey, and covers many topics similar to those found in People Magazine in the United States, like stories of Lindsay Lohan and Kurt Cobain and other entertainers in the news.

A large portion of the online gazette is devoted to sports stories including Olympic athletes, and coverage of virtually every Turkish soccer team. National interest articles follow court cases and detention hearings, terrorist attacks and arrests, and highly sought after information about the proposed new Constitution for Turkey. An entire portion of the magazine covers the war in Iraq, and local Turkish politics. The site is dense with information and articles that never made it into the print edition and displays a wide variety of humor and photographic galleries. The editors at keep their online presence fresh and interesting with plenty of videos and links to external articles and information. As an added bonus the entire front page of every original printed gazette is stored online and available with only one click. An RSS feed is available for people to subscribe to the feed. Along with a quick link to the current weather in Istanbul, the entire site is full of pertinent information for everyone interested in news from Turkey.

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