Aksalser.com – Syrian News from Behind the Scenes

For all the important news coming out of Syria via independent channels, readers will want to be certain to visit http://aksalser.com and read all the stories that are coming out of the area, and also Arab and international news. The site is designed to allow non biased reporting from the streets and people of Syria to reach the world, through stories and articles that are brought together in a fashion offering an opportunity for previously unavailable information to come out of the area. The web presence at aksalser.com originates from Aleppo, Syria and reaches the entire internet. As the first of dozens of independent sites to spring from the area; aksalser.com has reached a celebrated and distinguished place among Arabic news sites. The articles and stories that appear on the web often approach subject matter that has previously been controversial and in some cases dangerous to publish.

A prominent area on the homepage displays continuously updated information about the violence in Syria, and of insurgent attacks on government strongholds. Stories concerning the recent four month blackout of cellular service are given prominent attention. The site does not openly promote violence or revolution, but covers all the facts of the day from a uniquely Syrian point of view. Much like any other presence on the web, aksalser.com contains large volumes of articles about world news and politics as well, but the primary focus is relating to war, violence, and transportation problems in Syria, and alternatives, as well as information regarding the current cease fire and the continued violations of UN resolutions despite the presence of observers. Again keeping with the traditions and style of other major outlets, there are also entire sections of the site devoted to sports, entertainment, and industry. The site is entirely presented in Arabic.

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