KillerStartups – Akron Welcomes Locals and Guests to Visit Them Online

The world of modern technology continues to change the way media outlets get their news and community information to reading audiences. In Akron, Ohio, the West Side Leader and South Side News Leader embrace today’s technological advancements and incorporate, “Your Neighborhood Online,” into their outreach strategies. Operating as separate print publications since the mid 1980s, the papers incorporate use of the the world wide web to bring most of the locally published stories, data, ads, announcements and information to a national and international audience of readers available online.

A key benefit of lies in the site’s Archives page that allows readers to easily search for a past feature or story, retrieve and then review it. This prevents having to store actual papers in a dark closet or basement for months or years and then thumbing through yellowed pages looking for some article that you, after a period of time, want to revisit. The website also allows easy access to real estate searches, classified ads and job postings and a calendar of events full of community happenings.

The newspapers reaches 65,000 readers every week with the West Side Leader going to print each Thursday. It primarily services 11 neighborhoods including West Akron, Bath, Peninsula, Copley, Sharon and more. The South Side News Leader keeps residents of the following areas in the loop: Coventry, Springfield, Green, New Franklin and Lakemore, publishing every Friday. The website, however, allows strangers from across the state, nation and world to join “Your Neighborhood Online” through and get a taste of what life is like in the region any time of the day or night.

Akron In The Web

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