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Spam, particularly the type found in blogs and the comment sections of websites, is the bane of the Internet. How many times have you been reading an absorbing discussion on a key topic, only to have it interrupted by nonsensical gibberish, blatant promotion and other disruptions? Worse yet are the embedded links in threads that steal your readers and expose them to porn, fake medications and worse.


Akismet hates this type of spam as much as you do, and they say they have the best way to fight it. is a hosted web service that constantly monitors and evaluates every comment submitted to your blog or website. Using an intelligent library of spammer tricks and methods, the Akismet system determines whether or not the posting is legitimate or phony. Legit comments flow through, while web spam – either delivered by spambots or real people – are dispatched into oblivion, or at least into your junk folder, where you can check it out and sustain the deletion, or undelete if you find it worthy. This gives you unparalleled control over the public interactive part of your site.

The website at goes into great detail on what web spam is, who makes it, and what their purposes are. It also tells you what you need to do to start using Akismet on your site and what it costs. The good news here is that Akismet is free for personal blog use, and there are a number of affordable price points for single and multiple site access. is very cleanly designed and laid out in a comprehensible way – it’s easy to navigate around and get your questions answered, and anyone who blogs or hosts comment threads can certainly appreciate the service Akismet provides.

Akismet In The Web

Author : Bruce Turner

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