Akiane.com – Child Prodigy and Artist Akiane

Akiane.com is the web home of Akiane Kramarik, an Illinois child prodigy. The only girl in a family with four brothers, Akiane grew up experiencing a wide variety of living conditions over several states. Her interest in art began as early as age 4, when she started to teach herself to draw. At 6 years old, she took an interest in painting, which has been one of the primary focuses of her life ever since. At age 7, Akiane expanded her interests to include the writing of poetry and aphorisms.

Akiane.com explores both the history of Akiane’s life, as well as the process she uses to create her paintings. Her desire to convey a sense of spirituality is made evident and her favorite subjects to paint are people and spiritual subject matters. The website provides a number of interesting facts on both Akiane’s personal life as well as her artistic pursuits. Examples of poetry are given on the “Poetry” page, and the “Gallery” page shows a selection of her past work, categorized by the age Akiane was when she created the work.

On the “Store” page of akiane.com, prints of her work can be purchased for as little as $100 up to $3100. Original works start at $5,000 and go as high as $3 million. Also available for purchase on the site are bookmarks, greeting cards, and a book about Akiane’s life. The “Media” page provides testimonials and quotes from media superstars like Oprah Winfrey, who declares Akiane to be obviously gifted. Videos of both Akiane’s painting and her appearance on shows like “The Hour of Power” can be found on the “Videos” page.

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