Aka-Aki.com – Socialize via Bluetooth


Aka-Aki.comYou know the saying, “When in Rome…”? Well, when you’re in Aka Aki-land you might what to remember that adage. Despite the silly name, Aka Aki is jumping into formidable waters, namely the mobile social networking ocean dominated by giants like Facebook and MySpace.

Aka Aki, however, aims to be different. One of its main slick features is its Java/Bluetooth mobile application. Once you’ve registered and created a profile, you can use your Bluetooth enabled mobile to find Aka Aki users within 65 ft of you. Then you simply flip through their profiles and find the ones you like and make a connection. Welcome to Aka Aki land. It also works as a straight web-based social network too, for when you’re not on the go.

Aka-Aki.com In Their Own Words

“Mobile new people met before lots of fun suddenly. If your mobile talks Bluetooth, you can use aka-aki. Even without an installation or internet costs.”

Why Aka-Aki.com It Might Be A Killer

Aka Aki is a clever mobile network. The Bluetooth idea is a goodone. It make social networking lively again and takes it on the go.

Some Questions About Aka-Aki.com

What about the security concerns of open Bluetooth connections? Will users actually like this way of social networking? Will it accrue enough members to be of any worth? Aka-Aki.com