Ajaxial.com – Better Understand of the Web 2.0 World

Ajaxial.comAjaxial.com is a directory for Web 2.

0 terms. Today Web 2.0 features have changed the way we use the internet. Every individual can add their two cents to a website and edit or change its content. Although we participate in this interactive manner many of use do not fully understand the resources, tools, and applications that we use. Ajaxial.com is a place where we can get a better understanding of the Web 2.0 world we live in by getting descriptions of the tools we use. Ajaxial.com is divided into three sections; applications, resources, and tools. You can click on either one and get a list of terms. You can the click on the term that you are interested in learning more about and read up on what it does and how you use it. The information is headings such as; URL, license, screenshot, and other entities on common. If you are a member you can add a comment which can be anything from a question to a tip about how to use the tool. Ajaxial.com is a great site because it would be a good idea for internet users to get a better understanding of all of the elements of the internet that they use.

Ajaxial.com In Their Own Words

“These days, the World Wide Web is undergoing a quiet revolution: new approaches and paradigms are springing up all over, making our online experience more enjoyable and changing the way we think of web applications. The essence of this revolution can be captured in two words: Web 2.0 and Ajax.

Well, knowing that these innovative web applications will invariably find it extremely challenging to reach out to the public by way of traditional SEO, we took it upon ourselves to create a Web 2.0 directory to help connect information and service providers with their prospective audience.”

Why Ajaxial.com It Might Be A Killer

Ajaxial.com is easy to navigate. The site is well organized and you can easily find all of the terms and information you are seeking. All of the; resources, applications and tools have their terms listed in a clear fashion with headings and brief descriptions. There are also screenshots for all of the resources, applications and tools, which can be enlarged when you click on them. It is nice that you can make a comment on the terms so that everyone can add to the definition and make it more complete. Ajaxial.com has a great “about” section which goes into the history and definition of Web 2.0 and Ajax.

Some Questions About Ajaxial.com

Ajaxial.com could use a more attractive interface, it is a bit elementary and boring. Can a use add a resource, tool or application that is missing from the site that they think is essential? Ajaxial.com