– Buy Items At Stores Using Your Mobile

AisleBuyer.comA Boston startup, Aisle Buyer gives in-store customers the chance to do a self checkout and walk out of the store with the item in their bags, without having had to stand in line and paying for it at the register at all.

This is accomplished by way of a mobile app that lets the customer pay for the item as he is holding it in his hand. All that he has to do is scan it, and by tapping the provided checkout option the transaction will be carried to completion. Of course, when performing the scan the customer is also presented with all the product information that he could ever need in order to make up his mind.

Clearly, the effect that this can have on abandonment rates can be anything but negligible. No longer will people become discouraged because there is a three-kilometer line in the way, and no longer will they have to ask a salesman for more information about any product that they have become interested in. In Their Own Words

Virtual Shopping Assistant and Mobile Self-Checkout.

Why It Might Be A Killer

By reducing the time customers have to spend waiting in line, this application can boost sales more than considerably for retailers of every kind.

Some Questions About

Will this become the standardized way of in-store shopping one day?