search cancel – Free Live Video Broadcast will help you to save time for web conferencing, and also to keep your contact list in you chat or VOIP programs with the contacts you really want to have. When you meet someone with whom you will need to stay in touch for business, whatever is your trade, you will probably give your e-mail and most probably your Skype, GTalk, or other similar account.

However, you will need to add that person on your contact list and maybe you only need to talk once. Also, the other person must be using that same software you are using to be able to have you on his contact list. If you don’t use the same one already, one of the parties will have to download a new software.

But once you had your business talk, you could find annoying to keep seeing that contact everyday on your list. Yes, of course you can block the contact, but imagine that later you need to talk to that person again. Then you must search again to unblock it, and this could go on and on.

For saving you from this nuance, gives a welcome help. The site provides a webspace to be able to have your business chat on an URL especially assigned to you as a user. If you have your webcam and mic working fine, you can use this site to meet with those people for your business issues.

Then, your contact lists on the software you use for IP will stay clean of people which you don’t really need to have all the time. This doesn’t have to do with being unpolite, but simplifying the way in which you manage your contacts. gives a real hand for holding multiple party meetings. The process of adding one another on the IP or chat software will be full of uncertainty because someone could forget another person’s contact info. By entering Airsse, everyone will type in the URL you provided for them, and start right away to watch and listen to your broadcast.

Besides the business side of Airsee’s service, the site offers a kind of social networking by providing some tools for searching users with similar interests. This will let you also to meet with people and have some fun sharing common passions. And maybe that person ends up entering your contact list on the software you use every day. In Their Own Words

Airsee offers this unique URL where you can be reached for Free!

Some Questions About

Will they keep the service free forever or is it for a limited period?

Author : Charly Zaks

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