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Airportcarsclub.comThis website was created specially for pilots. What are “airport cars”? Airport cars are those cars parked at airports used by pilots that fly to that airport frequently. is an online club where pilot owners of “airport cars” can schedule the use of another member�s “airport car” when flying to airports across the nation, as long as they allow their car to be used by other members. If there is no vehicle available for your destination, provides you with a search feature which will help you find the nearest airport with a car. Scheduling is easy and you have priority of scheduling your own vehicle up to 10 days in advance. In Their Own Words

�Airport Cars Club is an internet based club�

Why It Might Be A Killer

This website is an excellent help for pilots. Airport Cars Club can turn your vehicle investment into ground transportation at airports all over the continental U.S. It�s more convenient and less expensive than rental cars, and your “airport car” would benefit from more frequent use.

Some Questions About

Is this website aimed on a huge potential audience? Would all pilots be interested on using this service? How will it be able to increase it audience? Will it be able to make its web design more appealing?