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Airmp3.netAirMP3 is a meta music search engine meaning that it allows you to search for MP3s using a variety of different search engines at the same time. AirMP3 does not itself store any MP3s but acts as the engine for finding where MP3s are on the internet.


Search by artist or song title or browse through a number of “Top 10” lists provided on the page like UK Top 40 singles, MTV Top 20 or the MuchMusic Countdown. Once you’ve found the song you are looking for, AirMP3 gives you a number of listening options: download the Ringtone of the song for your mobile, listen in your browser without downloading, add the song to your blog or website by copying the provided HTML code or download the song by simply right clicking and saving. In Their Own Words

“AirMp3 is a meta music search engine. What this means is that it takes the keywords you submit in the search box, and transmits them simultaneously to several music search engines and free mp3s sites. Within 30 seconds (or even instantly if the search is already cached), you receive free mp3 downloads links from all search engines queried. Then, you can easily browse the available free music download here on a single page. When you want to download free mp3 music, this saves you a lot of time!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This site is already generating a significant amount of traffic and there is no reason to think that it won’t become a very popular site for MP3 downloads. The ability to play without downloading and the ringtone option should make this an extremely popular site.

Some Questions About

Have they considered offering more search filtering capabilities like the ability to be able to search by genre or key words? The key word function would allow people to find songs when they can’t remember the exact title.

Author : Caroline Bright

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