– Wi-Fi In The Sky

Aircell.comWouldn’t it be great if you could prepare for you presentation on the 6 hour flight from Boston to LA? Soon thanks to Aircell depending on which airline you take you will be able to use Wi-Fi on your flight. Aircell is the exclusive provider of Wi-Fi connection for business, military and governmental aviation.

When the commercial Aircell service is available you can use those hours on the plane to check you email, surf the web, and send attachments all from your Wi-Fi embedded laptop or mobile device. You can now think of your flight time as productive time. Some of the features of Aircell are: a web based live chat to help users with enrollment, coast to coast US coverage, daily, monthly, and yearly subscription plans, inflight portal with relevant information such as destination content, and more. The commercian Aircell service can be installed overnight and is easy to access. Aircell offers many different Wi-Fi aviation solutions for business and government so the commercial product will be of good quality as well. Soon Wi-Fi will be in the sky thanks to Aircell. In Their Own Words

“Unlike anything that’s come before, Aircell broadband has been called “the link we’ve all been waiting for” bringing an exclusive, affordable high-speed data connection that will truly change the way you fly. Passengers will be able to surf the Internet, check e-mail, send attachments, and log into their office network using personal Wi-Fi enabled laptops or mobile handheld devices.”

Why It Might Be A Killer has an attractive interface. The site is easy to navigate and has a good deal of information about all of the services. The live chat to help users enroll is a great idea, since using Wi-Fi during a flight will be new to most everyone a support system will be useful. Aircell will change the way people work, if you have an important business call or if there is an emergency at home it no longer has to wait until after your flight. Now your flight can be a productive one.

Some Questions About

Exactly when will the commercial flight Aircell service launch? At the moment Aircell is only for North America, does Aircell have plans to be available on international flights?