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AgreeYourFee.comAgreeYourFee was created in order to allow users to get different services that are convenient for employers and employees.

This solution gives employers the chance to post their vacancies without having to pay anything for it. In addition to many other services, will allow you to publish the amount of money you will pay to a recruiter in order to find the employee you need for your company.

This solution was created in order to give everyone the chance to be in a winning situation. In this way employers will have the chance to post all of their available positions. In case you are a recruiter you will be given with different candidate tracking features that will allow you to manage a number of interviews, as well as to get feedback, etc.

In case you want to have access to different recruiters that can find the right people for to fill you company’s vacancies this could be an interesting source for you to check. This is a site that is very simple to use and you just have to advertise the position you need to fill and the system will take care of the rest.

In case you have a company and you need to find good employees, take this site a look and enjoy from its services. In Their Own Words

“Introducing a completely new way to recruit where advertising is free and your fee’s agreed!”

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This site will be attractive to people that are looking for a job and for employers looking for employees.

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