– Contracts, Your Way

Agree2.comAgree2 grasps an interesting and potentially provocative concept: user created legally binding contracts. We’ve all had to sign that hard-to-understand, possibly written in another language, scary-looking contract.

These contracts are the kind we’re too afraid to quarrel with because we fear lawyers and legal repercussions, such as the ubiquitous lawsuit or a visit from the IRS or some such monstrosity. Agree2 wants to simplify the contract, take it out the hands (or sometimes claws) of lawyers, and put them back where they belong—between you and your partners. There’s no need to have agreements that are indecipherable. With Agree2, you can create your own contracts, use public templates, or use already existing agreements, all of which can be edited until both parties agree to the terms. You make the terms. It’s that easy. In Their Own Words

“Agree2 lets you, your clients and partners to take back control of your agreements and contracts. Write it in your language and with words suitable to your business. Change it, haggle over it and finally accept it with the closest you will get to a friendly handshake on the web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Agree2 takes agreements back to the handshake days. It simplifies things so that both parties know what they’re agreeing to without being scared or confused. It’ll save you money and time.

Some Questions About

Will users have qualms about creating legally binding agreements here? Will the agreements hold up in court? Will their be a lot of Agree2 abuse?