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AgoraBid.comShopping for products is one task that the Internet has simplified to no end, but the same can not be said about shopping for services. To a considerable extent, it went from implying a (mostly static) search in print yellow pages to searching yellow pages online, in a process that is (again) mostly static.


The problem seems to stem from the fact that (even today) there are not enough reviews to let you arrive at a definitive conclusion. Your only way of action still stands as calling each service provider up one by one and requesting a quote. Not to mention that is still necessary to gamble on the quality and honesty of the service provider itself.

The site under review right now attempts to address such shortcomings by letting people buy and sell services of any kind through an auction-styled bidding platform. This platform operates quite easily as the buyer creates a service request and then sellers (EG, service providers) bid on this request. The buyer then weighs them up and accepts the best bid based on price and the rating the seller has. It is all very easy and (above all) immediate. If you are tired of having to keep your finger crossed each time that you have to hire a different service provider, it will be worth a definitive look. In Their Own Words

“ is an online marketplace for services; where people can buy and sell any kind of service using an auction style bidding platform. It was designed specifically to make it easier for people to shop for services.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As a platform, it can let anybody save a considerable amount of time and also avoid unnecessarily unpleasant experiences.

Some Questions About

Which fees are there to be paid?

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