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AgileWebDevelopment.comIf you love Rails, you’ll no doubt become enamored with AgileWebDevelopment, the web’s largest directory of Ruby on Rails plug-ins. They’ve currently got some seven hundred plug-ins catalogued away on site, so chances are if you want it, they’ll have it.


To keep you updated they’ve implemented RSS feeds and a ‘recently added’ category for the old school types. Plug-ins are listed by category on the right side of the page (controllers, assets, model, testing, etc); alternately you can browse through the master list with all plug-ins and you can add your own, of course. The site enlists TextMate using RailsBundle so you can search for and install plug-ins from within the app; other search tools include Rapt a command line tool, and a Firefox search box enhancement. Besides plug-ins, AgileWeb has Ruby job listings, training demos, guides, and a community feature. In Their Own Words

“ is a site dedicated to helping you in your web development efforts. Here you will find tips and resources to help you have more joy with your Ruby on Rails projects.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

AgileWebDevelopment is a great resource for Rails plug-ins. It’s got useful search tools, and information is presented in a clear and coherent manner.

Some Questions About

Good site, but definitely targeted at a niche community—has no mainstream appeal. Funding? More search filters?

Author : Siri Marshall

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