search cancel – Articles Made Easy is a solution that gives users the possibility to take a look at the many articles they want to read side-by-side.


The way this system works is very easy and you just need to use the homepage’s type box in order to type an article’s name. No matter what you want to find, this system will allow you to get very interesting information.

Let’s say that you want to find an article under the name Peace, Chocolate or Soccer. In that case you just need to enter the word and hit the enter key. After that, you will be able to take a look at it.

In case you do not want to follow this procedure you just need to paste the article’s URL straight from Wikipedia. You will see an easy detectable button under the name of “Again, but slower”. In fact that is the site’s star because that is the button you need to hit in order to load an original article and its simplified version side-by-side.

Although not all the articles you can find on Wikipedia can be simplified on this site, there are many of them already being versioned. This is an original website you might visit in case you want to get a simplified version of many articles you can find on Wikipedia. In Their Own Words

“I saw this xkcd comic recently, and it made me want to be able to see Wikipedia articles side-by-side with their “simple” counterparts. “Simple English Wikipedia is a version of the Wikipedia encyclopedia, written in Simple English and started in 2004. The encyclopedia is supposed to be used by children, who might not understand the complicated articles in the English Wikipedia, and other people who are still learning English.””

Why It Might Be A Killer

This solution will help people that need to have a simple version of any article you can find on Wikipedia.

Some Questions About

Howe is this site going to be fit over time?

Author : Paul Barker

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