– A Virtual Office At Your Fingertips

AfterOffice.comSelf-defined as “an enterprise portal service targeted at the SME business community worldwide”, this solution stands as a virtual office that makes for the effective sharing of business information and online scheduling and collaboration. AfterOffice provides a secure space on the World Wide Web where you and your team can convene from anywhere there is an Internet connection and conduct online meetings easily.

Some of the features of the AfterOffice’s Virtual Office Suite include the ability to drag & drop files so that these can be instantly shared, and there are no file size limitations of any kind whatsoever. A calendar and a notepad are also featured, and a task list can be easily implemented as well. In addition to that, AVO stands as an effective backup solution, as the system includes a data center where files are secured automatically. This means that you are covered if disaster strikes and you lose the information stored at your office’s computers.

The fees that apply are described on the site, and there is also a 30-day trial version that comes at no cost. The latter can be applied for by following the pertinent link. Online live support is also provided 24/7 through the site. In Their Own Words

“Founded in 1993, AfterOffice has over the last six years evolved from a start-up application software design house to a web-based softwares developer. A dynamic Application Service Provider that focus on providing web-hosted applications software services in the areas of communication, collaboration, scheduling, and eBusiness functionality encompassing content and commerce.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a convenient way for coordinating team activity over the web.

Some Questions About

Is it easy to setup and use? What features set it apart from existing online collaboration tools?