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AfterDownload.comAfter Download is a new monetization platform in which a different vantage point has been favored. Its name make that clear, as the context in which content is monetized using this solution is the after download pages that users are presented with after getting any piece of software.


The whole shebang here is targeting people using these pages – pages that are often overlooked when it comes to monetizing anything online, and which are merely used to display “Thank You” messages.

This platform benefits publishers and advertisers since they get a chance to monetize exit traffic in a direct way, and users are not annoyed that much – after all, they are already accustomed to windows that pop up when they have finished downloading anything. The only thing that changes is the actual content of that window – now it will display an advertisement.

Of course, advertisers are provided with a full set of analytics for measuring how fruitful everything is really turning to be. If you would like to learn more about this platform, I encourage you to watch the video demonstration that is featured on the site. It shows you exactly what any visitor would see upon exiting your download page. In Their Own Words

“Monetize your after download pages, maximize your site revenue potential!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It opens up a whole new channel for the online monetization of content.

Some Questions About

Is this really the fist platform of this nature to materialize?

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