– Connect and Evolve has not been officially launched yet, and so if you visit it you will notice that there are several of the features that are not working yet.

However, just by taking a look around you will be able to see that is not about social networking, but ethnic-specific social networking, as it is intended to reach the African population, regardless of its present place of residence. But is also about something else: it is about roots and history and really meeting people on a deeper sense that what average social networking allows, so this is why some of the planned features particularly stress this point, like the photo capsule, that encourages users to upload their special moments with a brief note explaining what the picture depicts, which will be presented on the homepage afterwards. In Their Own Words

“Welcome to your new home on the web! Please help us build it right by sending us your thoughts and suggestions.”

Why It Might Be A Killer belongs to the humanize-the-web wave, in the sense that it aims to make it more socially relevant and conscious, and since the idea that powers this site is to get together people that originally were together, this environment stimulates working for common goals and interests while providing a network of acquaintances and friends where to meet new people or lovers.

Some Questions About

It seems very strange that works in an English-only platform, as probably more than half of the African émigrés speak French as a second language, and by excluding them the site looses a massive amount of prospective audience. When finishing the development of the site, will they take this into account?