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AffinionGroup.comAffinionGroup design, market, and service customer engagement and loyalty solutions for many of the largest companies in the world, both through their offices and their website. Affinion Group features over 30 products with custom flexibility for more than 100,000 marketing campaigns. AffinionGroup has 180 million members worldwide with more than 1 million new online members added every year. offers solutions for companies in a variety of industries, including retail, entertainment, finance, travel, direct response television, and e-commerce and they represent hundreds of millions of pieces of direct marketing pieces each year.


AffinionGroup’s products and services include insurance, membership programs, loyalty programs, value added checking programs, customer acquisition solutions, data breach services, marketing services, and Affinion Security solutions from Affinion Security Center (ASC).

When it comes to loyalty programs, offers debit card loyalty programs, nationwide retail dealer loyalty programs, and airline reward programs. Research shows that loyalty programs such as those offered by AffinionGroup help retain customers, differentiate a company (giving them a competitive advantage), and improve profitability while offering savings on commodity products. The Affinion Loyalty Group (ALG) offers solutions to help enhance a company’s relationship with their customers while offering a positive return on investment (ROI).

Marketing services from AffinionGroup include in-house full-service direct marketing, marketing strategies, creative development, database modeling & analysis, telemedia advancements, direct mail strategy as well as direct mail print production. Marketing solutions from aim to help maximize revenue while strengthening customer relationships and brand recognition.

AffinionGroup additionally offers memberships programs such as discounts (for business, home, entertainment, dining, travel, and shopping), healthcare (for self improvement, beauty, wellness, and healthcare products and services), security (for theft and identity protection, privacy, and insurance), and personal property (for warranties, auto, and home programs).

The folks from may be contacted via a short online contact form, or by telephone or email.


Author : Caroline Bright

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