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AffiliateWindow.comIf you ever run into the need of maintaining an affiliate program then you can visit the website for the purpose of obtaining management and tracking solutions. The AffiliateWindow site is the website of the largest affiliate network in the UK. It has more than fifty thousand affiliates and over six hundred merchants, which include the likes of Dominos Pizza, Virgin, B&QM, Boots, Lycos, Sainsburys to mention just a few. AffiliateWindow is a division of Digital Window Ltd and it claims to be able to revolutionize one’s affiliate marketing.


As someone who has never tried out the services offered by AffiliateWindow it would only be obvious that you would want to find out the drawbacks and advantages of their services from the perspective of an affiliate marketer or a merchant. This can be found out from the testimonials section of the website where previous customers of share their comments about the product.

If you want to become a merchant of AffiliateWindow, then you can click on the box located just under the login box. The website states that the company ranks first when it comes to the number of merchants associated with the network of a company. The website also states that they provide the best advice and tailored solutions in addition to a consultative approach for the purpose of fulfilling the needs of the individuals who want to become the member of the merchant’s group of

Becoming an affiliate, however, requires you to click on the box located just below the merchant box. As an affiliate, you can make use of the tools offered by

AffiliateWindow for the purpose of making money from the email databases, blogs or traffic from your website. Choosing a certain audience profile would enable you to work with some of the biggest merchants sites of Affiliate window. The technology offered by does not call for technical expertise in order to make use of it, so even those who aren’t very tech-savvy can opt for the services of this website.


Author : Caroline Bright

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