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AffiliateVIA.comAffiliateVIA is an online advertising network which enables advertisers to come into direct contact with qualified customers through publishers that have been carefully screened and selected. The clients of AffiliateVIA can choose from CPA, CPM, CPC and PPV video ads, according to their marketing goals and the budget they actually have available.

Publishers that go for the services of this Indian company simply have to sign up for an account, and start carrying out promotions. They can choose to be paid via PayPal, check or wire transfer when the time comes. And advertisers are paid based solely on their performance. Extensive brand control and compliance management is provided in all cases.

As it was only to be expected, AffiliateVIA also comes with full tracking and reporting capabilities. Those who decide to use this platform in order to reach out to a larger crowd will be able to realize exactly how close they are to attaining such a goal, and focus on what they should be focusing on, one step at a time until they get there.

You can get started by signing up for an AffiliateVIA account here. In Their Own Words is a media company making the online inventory smarter. is a young, spear headed multi-model media company creating new revelations in the online marketplace.

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