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The website for the Armed Forces Bank is found at, and it provides members of the military with all the services they could ever need for managing their finances online. If you are one, on this site you can make deposits and withdraw money using nothing but your web browser. And you can also do everything from ordering checks and debit cards to applying for loans and refinancing your debts.


Deposit account rates, loan rates and retirement accounts rates can all be easily checked on the site. And if you need them, a handy set of online calculators is available for you to realize how long paying off a loan would really take you, well before you apply for it.

And also features a “Business Banking” section, where you can access merchant service solutions, depository services and the kind of cash management features that only those in charge of a business would find useful.

The Armed Forces Bank website also comes with an ATM locator, and a branch locator. Both work in exactly the same way, with you being able to input your ZIP code (or pick your city from a US map) to be shown all the nearest ATMs or branches.

And if you don’t currently have an account and you’d like to sign up for one, then get you can easily get started by filling the forms provided here.

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