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Afaqs.comIndian advertising services, creative agency, advertising in India, digital media, etc – if any of these categories is what you are interested in, then you should visit the website. This is a marketing portal meant for those who would like to obtain news related to marketing and media agencies. The AFAQs website is a very well organized online portal because it offers a wealth of information to those who require it. Founded in the year 1999, AFAQs is considered to be a leading company when it comes to marketing communications. The motive behind the establishment of AFAQs was to help make the lives of professionals in the field of marketing, media and advertising easier by providing them with the information that they desire.


Even though the website is a portal for obtaining information, if you want to advertise with, then you can do so with ease as well. The website enjoys more than three million page views each month, sixty five thousand registrants from various fields and a heavy traffic. Afaqs has partnerships with and is in connection with more than two hundred and fifty advertisers. The information for contact person is given on the website if you are looking to advertise with them.

When you visit the website, you would notice that on the left hand side of the landing webpage or the homepage, there is a section displaying the current news and a section which displays top stories. Beside this section is the section which allows one to subscribe to the newsletter service of Afaqs. You just need to submit your email address and you would receive free newsletters daily in your inbox.

Apart from the above information you would also be able to get media briefs and case studies on the website. also has a blog where interesting articles are posted for visitors to read and to share on global social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and so on.


Author : Caroline Bright

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