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AESConnect.comAES Connect is a California-based app development agency that was founded by Mark Otuteye, a former Google engineer and Stanford graduate. AES Connect can create Facebook, Android and iPhone applications in a personalized way, as its development team is made up of ten highly-qualified individuals – the perfect number for ensuring any project will be timely dealt with, and also large enough to provide personal attention when you happen to need it.

The company provides clients with phone support, and the fact of it being based in American soil ensures that the language complications that sooner or later surface when one decides to outsource the development of apps to countries like Pakistan or India. It’s not just a question of language skills, there are also intellectual property laws that can cause problems. By going for a US-based development agency like AES Connect, you won’t have to worry about poor communication delaying what you want to have created, and you won’t have to worry about apps that could run afoul of American property laws either. And once the app is ready, you can buy any of the provided ongoing maintenance packages, and have the peace of mind that comes from having the team responsible for its creation looking after it.

Some of the clients AES Connect has already worked with include 2K Games, Nuskin and Sephora. You can request a quote for free – you have to describe your businesses, explain what your project is all about and define your budget. In Their Own Words

In 2007, a former Google engineer and Stanford grad teamed up with a brilliant designer and web developer to create AES Connect, a California-based app development agency on a mission to provide eye-popping apps and eye-opening service.

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