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Aerobics.comAs the name of the website clearly suggests, provides information, training, certificate workshops and courses on aerobics in order to help folks become fitter and slimmer. is the same as and this is the website of the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America. This association has helped those interested in aerobics to obtain certifications. About three hundred thousand certifications have been issued by the AFAA to date. AFAA is considered to be the largest tele-fitness and fitness educator in the world. The association was founded in the year 1983 and it provides certifications to fitness professionals from as many as seventy three countries the world over.


The Aerobics website is dedicated to helping fitness professionals receive comprehensive, practical and intellectual education with the help of modern as well as traditional modalities. Thus the fitness professionals learning and growing under the Aerobics website can get the best of both worlds – traditional as well as modern learning. The website provides scope for individual growth and learning by means of various opportunities that are presented to the students or the fitness professionals.

One can sign up for a certification offered by AFAA. If you want to get information about the workshop locations and information then the website’s workshop locator would come in handy. The website provides certification and training for prenatal fitness, indoor cycling, practical yoga, practical Pilates, kickboxing, aqua exercises and longevity training. Students and professionals are also provided with a wide range of online courses and study materials. For information on these resources one should visit the AFAA shop on

The homepage of the Aerobics website offers details of the programs offered by AFAA, like a one day workshop, online certification course, live training course, preparatory course and so on. The details pertaining to course fees will also be mentioned there and there would also be an option for enrolling in these courses and training online. Likewise, one can also opt for distance education from the website if one lives very far away.

Author : Caroline Bright

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