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Aegean.comCustom software provider, Aegean Associates, Inc. was founded in 1990 and their website, was established thereafter. Custom software solutions from Aegean include remote monitoring applications, data collection for software and embedded hardware systems, instrumentation, and factory automation. For the most part, the team at Aegean has served as troubleshooters for projects that have difficult time constraints, new and / or unfamiliar technology, or major technological obstacles.

The website offers contact information for the Aegean team including an email address and phone number. They are located in New Castle, Delaware and the website also offers current weather information for the Delaware area, including current temperature, wind, pressure, humidity, and visibility information. The site also offers links to Climate Wire News stories, MIT Research News articles, and the latest papers from the Journal of Geophysics and Engineering.


Additional resources are provided by; however the “resources” section is only accessible for members once they have already logged in. Currently, there is no way to join the Aegean site as a member through the website.

Previous projects from Aegean include The Innovative Pocketgram and OnTap Technology. Pocketgrams are custom made, information rich applications which were created to be shared. They run on PalmOS and may be shared amongst staff or friends and they can even be beamed at events, downloaded from the client’s website, emailed, or shared at information rich calling cards, pocket flyers, or interactive brochure-ware. OnTap Technology was introduced by Aegean in 1996 and was called the “Can’t Live Without Application for Resellers” by Computer Reseller News at the PC Expo in 1998. states that their OnTap Technology is currently available for licensing and the site provides an email address for folks to contact for further information.

Author : Caroline Bright

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