search cancel – Australian Electoral Commission residents of Australia, allows them access to information and tools from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC). The AEC is in charge of organizing and supervising federal referendums and elections. They are a federal government agency and they also maintain the Commonwealth Electoral Roll, (a list of registered voters for a particular area, in this case, Australia). The Electoral Commissions in each territory and state also use the electoral roll maintained by the AEC to conduct their own elections. The AEC was established in 1902 and they also oversee industrial voting and electoral education.


Visitors to may enroll to vote, check their enrollment, change their address, or change their name. Enrolling to vote entails completing a form, printing it, signing it, and mailing it to the AEC. Enrollment is valid for federal as well as state / territory and local government elections. Once the AEC receives and processes the form, the voter will be notified that they have been enrolled and are eligible to vote. Should voters be ensure if they are enrolled or not, they may check their enrollment on as well but entering their name and address. Change of address and change of name may also be done via a form from the AEC website (which also needs to be printed and mailed in to the AEC). also offers extensive election information, including an Elections overview, Parliamentary Committees, Australian electoral history, Federal Elections, Information for Candidates and Scrutineers, By-elections and supplementary elections. Additional election information available through the website includes Referendums, Industrial Elections, Protected Action Ballots, and Fee for Service Elections and Torres Strait Regional Authority Elections. further offers a variety of education materials for teachers, students, and the general public.

Author : Caroline Bright

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