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AEB.orgHome of the incredible, edible egg, offers visitors information about the egg industry including the economic and nutritional value of eggs. The American Egg Board (AEB) provides consumers in the United States with hundreds of egg recipes, the applications and advantages of eggs, facts about egg production, and proper processing, handling and storage instructions for eggs. Educational articles and newsletters are also available on as well as FAQs about eggs, the realities and misconceptions about eggs, and spotlights of egg products.


The website also features a merchandise catalog. The American Egg Board shop has products in English and Spanish. It offers cook-booklets, egg recipe cards, egg recipe leaflets, education materials, general information, foodservice materials, and clothing from the Good Egg Project. Foodservice materials available through the site include an egg safety and quality chart, “The Eggceptional Egg” DVD, and a variety of recipe cards. “The Incredible, Edible Egg” and other promotional items are also available on the site including pencils, aprons, spatulas, shopping totes, stickers, balloons, and post-in notes. Items from the shop may be ordered by phone.

For foodservice professionals, the AEB website also offers eggy news stories, a Buyer’s Guide for Egg Products, Facts about egg production, a “Doneness” Guide, nutritional information, and an egg product information order form. The site also has egg safety information and allows folks to sign up for their “Breakfast Beat” Newsletter through an online registration form. Previous Breakfast Beat newsletters are also available on, all the way back to Newsletter #1 from May, 2009. AEB also offers the Eggstra! newsletter for retailers as well as a blog from the Food Manufacturer Team.


Author : Caroline Bright

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