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adzview.netDo you want to register a new domain? Do you need safe hosting for your website? DNS is waiting for you. This site offers effective tools to meet your needs and complete hosting and domain management with a superior customer service.

It provides responsive customer support to assist you with your account. You can e-mail their support staff anytime, day or night, or call their toll-free support line during regular business hours. There’re .com, .net, .org and more domain names available for you to choose among. This webpage is really well organized and divided into different categories to make your web surfing easy and fast. You’re able to browse for a domain name by entering any generic top-level domain (gTLD) or country code domain (ccTLD). You can look for an existing hostname or domain and also find the page rank, traffic and more. Searching for an IP address is easy too: you just need to enter any valid address in N.N.N.N format. Your own IP address is also available and in the same section other info such as reverse lookup and geographical location are sometimes included too. In all categories you can have access to a list of tips made by a domain name insider so as to know how to safely register any new domain, even if you don’t do it with DNS after all.