– Uses For Adzuki Beans

Adzuki.comThe website describes itself as an online portal which provides definition and descriptions of the adzuki beans. If you want to obtain information about these beans then this website provides them to all the internet users free of cost. So what are Adzuki beans? These beans are popularly used in Asian cooking – they are small, dried and russet-colored beans which have a sweet note to them. These beans can be purchased whole or in powdered form at any Asian store or supermarket. Adzuki beans are popularly used for making Yokan, a Japanese confection made from Agar and Adzuki paste.

Adzuki beans can be made into a thick red paste that can be used for preparing a variety of different dishes or they can be cooked alongside rice in order to give the rice an attractive shade of pink. These beans can also be used for making sweetmeats and cakes, but additional sugar is required because the inherent sugar quantity in these beans isn?t enough to sweeten the dishes. The Adzuki website also contains information about the history of such beans, their botanical name, other names of the beans, description, nutritional information, basic cooking instruction and different uses.

If you are looking for the nutritional information of the beans then you need to click on the link provided on the website and you would be taken to a webpage where the nutrition facts are given in a condensed table. Beside the table, you would find a set of instructions on how to prepare these beans. You can soak them overnight and for every cup of Adzuki beans that you use, you need to add three and a quarter cups of water and let it cook for about forty-five minutes. Check out for various other details on the Adzuki beans.