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AdWhirl.comAdWhirl is a new platform that will be of great use to those who are in the process of launching a mobile app. It’s main calling card is that it lets the developer switch between multiple ad networks at a given time, without requiring the users to update.


Furthermore, it can automatically optimize CPMs and fill rates across the different networks, in a bid to maximize revenue. On the other hand, the company makes it possible for users to cross-promote apps from a partnership, reaching a wider public this way.

As far as the actual creation of the advertisements is concerned, custom ads can be created easily and at no cost. Transition animations and refresh rates can be set down along with structural aspects such as background colors.

At the end of the day, AdWhirl lets you allocate and create ads in the manner you feel would suit your campaigns best, and without having to be locked into just one ad network. A comprehensive FAQ section is part of the site, so that if you wish to explore further on you might as well set your browser there and inform yourself that way. In Their Own Words

“With AdWhirl, you can launch your app first and then decide which ad networks to use, switching between multiple networks at a time, all without requiring your users to update! AdWhirl can also automatically optimize your CPMs across all your networks so you maximize your revenue!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

App developers everywhere are bound to find some interesting resources in here.

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