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AdvisU.comWhere (and who) can you turn to when you need expert advice on topics such as business, education and arts? The truth is that nowadays there are more than a good couple of sites in which you could talk to knowledgeable people from all over the world, and get all the assistance you could ever need. AdvisU is one of these sites.

On AdvisU you are allowed to communicate directly with experts who are located all over the world, and chat one-to-one. Over the course of these chats you will be able to ask them all the (specialized/technical) questions that are impossible for you to fathom out on your own. They will duly answer them, you will get the knowledge you craved for so much, and they will receive a payment in exchange for having assisted you.

Twelve main categories are included on the site, and in addition to obvious ones such as Business & Finance, Computers & Programming and Health & Medicine there is one named Home & Leisure and another that is devoted to spirituality and religion. In Their Own Words

Chat live to get instant expert advice! At, meet and consult experts from worldwide.

Why It Might Be A Killer

It will let you reach the finest experts and advisors from various fields and genres in just a handful of clicks.

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How do you become a featured expert?

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