– Advil Pain Reliever from Pfizer

Advil.caThe website is the Canadian portal for information on Advil products, which are products manufactured by Pfizer Company. Being versatile in nature they can be used for a variety of applications. Advil is a medication designed to provide relief to people who are suffering from migraines, joint pain, arthritis, back pain, cold and flu, headaches, menstruation pain, sinusitis, sleeplessness or dental pain. The website can also be displayed in French.

If you like the Advil website or you know someone else who may benefit from the info on it, than you can recommend to a friend easily and conveniently. You simply need to add in your name, your email address and the email address of the friend to whom you want to send the mail and then press the “send” button. Within the next few minutes, the email would have reached the recipient’s mail box. In case you want to recommend the product to more than one friend but you do not want to waste time typing the same fields again and again then you can press the “add another friend” box and another box will be displayed for you to enter the email address.

If you have any questions about, then you can go to the FAQs section of the Advil website. There are so many questions there that it would take quite a lot of time to go through each and every one of them. In order to locate the answers for your questions, you can use the search box on the same webpage.

In case you are looking for Advil products then you can move your mouse over to the “Advil products” section and a drop-down menu would appear on, which would display the names of all the products available from the Advil brand of Pfizer.