search cancel – AdvGoogle Pay Per Click Advertising is a website that offers pay per click advertising solutions to internet users around the world. The website enjoys more than three thousand unique visitors every month. AdvGoogle is a professional and new PPC network which acts like a bridge between web surfers and advertisers because it brings them together. The acronym PPC stands for Pay Per Click and this is a marketing solution wherein the advertiser can put up their advertisements in a website and when visitors visit that website and click on the advertisement then they would have to pay the organization providing PPC services. Since the advertiser needs to pay such companies for the number of clicks made by the users, the name is appropriately “Pay Per Click.” That means there is no consolidated fee which has to be paid at the end of each period and the advertiser only pays for the number of clicks received by his/her website thanks to the PPC campaign.


The PPC campaign or program offered by allows the web publisher to function as an intermediary between the advertisers and the internet users or web servers, thus earning money each time a user or web surfer clicks on the advertising listed on the desired website. The PPC program of AdvGoogle has varying rates, with the lowest rate per click starting from USD 0.01. The minimum bidding amount for advertisers is USD 5 and when one signs up for this program one can select the keywords which the visitors should use for the purpose of reaching your website.

The payment is to be made when the internet users actively click on an ad. The PPC program is meant for the purpose of increasing the traffic to one?s website and also for improving the quality of traffic. offers country filtering and anti-cheat software with their PPC programs.


Author : Caroline Bright

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