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ADVFN.comIf you deal with stocks from LSE or London Stock Exchange then may be a site you can use. The ADVFN site offers live share prices in the UK directly from the LSE and eighty other stock markets free of cost. is a useful website because it is a “one-stop shop” which offers information on stocks and shares to investors residing in various countries. On reaching the ADVFN website you will instantly notice a lot of prices and names of the companies whose stocks are being displayed. Not only this, there is also a section which displays the current rates of currencies and also the changes that took place in the exchange rate of currencies.

Apart from this, visitors to the site can also find a section which is solely dedicated to percent gainers and percent losers in the stock market. Then there is a section of the site which shows the future charts of various commodities like Platinum, Gold, Copper, Silver and Crude Oil. Thus it is very evident from this rich description of the landing page of ADVFN that this website is definitely a treasure house for relevant users.

The ADVFN website offers country specific information and depending on where you are living, you would be redirected to the master webpage pertaining to that country whenever you type “AFVFN” as the domain name. offers master web pages for ten countries, namely UK, US, Australia, France, Brazil, India, Germany, Italy, Mexico and Japan. If you scroll down to the bottom part of the website you will see these ten options given alongside their respective country flags.

The ADVFN website also offers news and free services such as market bulletins issued daily, a whole range of news services, useful charting tools, etc. The website also provides a host of advertising opportunities. Since enjoys more than a hundred thousand unique users each month, advertising on this website may be a potentially lucrative idea.

Author : Caroline Bright

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