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ADVF.comFounded in 1973, the Advance Food Company has a website, ADVF operates a nationwide distribution network and 7 manufacturing facilities in the United States while also selling their good to international markets in the Caribbean, Japan, Germany, Mexico, and Canada. The Advance Food Company produce almost 2000 different products made from veal, lamb, poultry, pork, and beef as well as a variety of bakery products. ADVF products include Philly steaks, mini products with buns, burgers and patties, un-breaded poultry, fajita strips, lamb and veal, fully cooked un-breaded, raw un-breaded, fully cooked entrees, and Certified Angus Beef.


The Bakery at includes cinnamon rolls, pancakes, and waffles. Bakery products are made “from scratch” and then frozen. ADVF bakery products are ready-to-serve with “perfect portions, menu options and guaranteed profits.” Pancakes include Buttermilk, Buffet Style Buttermilk, Blueberry, Gourmet Maple Bit, Home-style, Sweet Potato Cinnamon, Apple Filled, and Blueberry Filled Pancakes. ADVF waffle options are Square, All Natural Belgian, Belgian Waffle – Sweet Formula, and their standard Belgian Waffles. Cinnamon rolls are available from in 18 pound packs of 144 small (2 oz) cinnamon rolls and 15 pound packs of 60, large (4 oz) cinnamon rolls.

The website offering food solutions for not only restaurants but also convenience stores, the military, healthcare, colleges and universities, and school nutrition programs. The ADVF website also offers a rewards program which allows customers to earn points for every case of “eligible” ADVF products they purchase.

Foodservice Rewards points can be used towards the purchase of travel, gifts, and equipment. Customers may enroll for the program online. They simply choose their country and then click the “enroll now” button to fill out the online application. For more information, the website offers an email address for the Advance Food Company marketing department.

Author : Caroline Bright

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