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Advertology.comThe Advertology website is a brand new online resource that features articles, reviews, and news by industry professionals in the fields of advertising, marketing, promotion and public relations. The aim of the site is equipping anybody with the knowledge to gain a corporate advantage and somehow stay ahead of the competition.

The fact is that advertising technology as we know it changes by the hour, and it is vital for marketers to know what the latest tools of the trade are, where they can be found and how they can be applied best. These contents are aimed at small business owners, industry professionals, students and just any person who has even a fleeting interest in the industry such as freelancers.

The site eventually hopes to become a kind of community where ideas are shared and knowledge can be traded by way of tutorials and reviews, provided not just by site users but also by staff members. If that sounds good to you, try locating your browser at the provided address and see which thoughts it does fuel. In Their Own Words

“ provides resources in advertising, marketing, public relations, and promotion to industry professionals, small business owners, freelancers, and employees. The face of the industry is in constant flux and to stay ahead of the competition, people must continually grow their knowledge of the industry, technology, and tools of the trade. will feature industry news, shared ideas, tutorials, reviews and more. Our goal is to help you do business and gain a competitive advantage in an increasingly fierce marketplace. Many of the featured articles will be from experts in their industry as well as from staff. We hope to provide a wide ranging discussion on the current state of advertising and doing business.”

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Once the site establishes itself it can stand as a reliable source of information indeed.

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