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Advertising.comThe website provides advertising solution for publishers and advertisers by means of using the latest technology in the industry, a good network, and targeting. The website is AOL advertising’s insights, data and technology arm. It aims to help the online advertising industry by providing the industry with tailor-made solutions inclusive of platforms, formats and monetization. The website is very clean and neat looking in the sense that you will not find information just thrown in or cluttered here. The homepage also has a tiny button associated with social media at the top right hand corner.


You can become a fan of the Advertising website on Facebook or you can follow it on Twitter. It also has a search box which is very convenient for the purpose of searching the website for some specific content. Apart from tools, the website has three main ‘tabs’ which are “home,” “advertiser” and “publisher.” When you roll your mouse over to these tabs, there is a drop-down menu consisting of more options.

The Advertising website is a US-based online advertising company which was established in 1998 under a different name. The original name of the website was ‘teknosurf,’ however this name was discontinued and it came to be known as from January 2000. The original owners of the website were John Ferber and Scott but the ownership got transferred in the year 2004 for a total cost of four hundred and thirty five million dollars to AOL. Thus, the Advertising website can also be referred to as a subsidiary of AOL.

When it comes to display advertising, this website is considered to be one of the masters in the game. In fact, the Advertising website also claims to be the provider of the most powerful advertising solutions in the world. They have been able to build an extremely sophisticated technology over a period of ten years. In fact the website is said to be able to reach up to ninety percent of internet users in the United States.


Author : Caroline Bright

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