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Advertisers.comConsidered to be the oldest trade association in the advertising industry, the Association of National Advertisers also has a website, One can become a member of this association but it is not for individuals. Only corporations individuals can become a member or those who are concerned with the client-side of marketing. On reaching the landing page of this website, you would notice the slogan “Leading the marketing community” under its logo and you can instantly take a guess that this website is dedicated to marketing.


The Advertisers website also offers help for those who are dazed by the concept of marketing since it provides a facility called “Ask the expert,” with the help of which one can get answers to their queries regarding marketing. By becoming a member of the website, one would be able to understand in details the continuously-changing landscape of marketing because details about common pitfalls to be avoided are also be provided. The website has more than four hundred corporate members.

The Advertisers site, being a school of marketing, also offers training. Folks can opt for individual training for the purpose of advancing their own career or go for corporate training in order to increase the marketing efficiency and effectiveness of their company. On the other hand, if you are a qualified consultant who can conduct workshops to train the members of ANA then you might as well submit your resume to the website along with a cover letter to be considered for the post.

The Association of National Advertisers has been around for more than a hundred years and all this while its client-side marketers have made use of the association’s collaborative brand-building knowledge, networking and bench marking. The website provides unbiased and impartial insights of over ten thousand brands. Therefore the client-side marketers of the association can tap into these kind of resources through the site.


Author : Caroline Bright

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