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Advertise.comThe catch phrase of the website is “online marketing made easy,” which clearly points out that the website falls under the category of advertising, (in case you hadn?t already guessed it from its domain name). The Advertise website is a platform which offers performance, display and search marketing for equipping advertisers with the ability to reach a bigger and wider audience by means of the website’s network of publisher properties and search engines.


The website was founded back in the year 2001 but at that time its name was “AbcSearch” and it was a private PPC search network. However in the month of April in 2009, the website was re-branded and its domain name changed to “Advertise” instead of “AbcSearch.”

This website provides online advertising solutions to umpteen advertisers around the globe. It claims to have customer strength in millions on an everyday basis and it also delivers more than ten billion ad impressions every month. The Advertise website also has a Twitter account which one can follow for online marketing needs.

The website includes a scrolling marquee that contains the names of the advertisers of the website. The names of these companies are not given in regular text but as per their logo and hence it is very colorful and makes quite an interesting read instead of it being presented in the form of a boring list of static text.

Who make use of the services of this website? Well, anyone who wants their ads to reach real people in the world for selling their services or products can opt for the services offered by the Advertise Company. They also offer remarketing solutions. This service aims to help their clients retrieve lost customers and convert them back into regular customers. The website also contains a blog section and a section that offers the latest news.


Author : Caroline Bright

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