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Adventuring.comFor adventure travel and sport information, offers reviews and other adventure information. The Adventuring site, it seems, is still a bit under construction and a message from the site owner states, “Right now we are just getting started on this project. It should take a few months to get the site populated with useful information.” That message it seems was in 2004, so apparently finishing the site is taking a bit more than “a few months” at the web developer had originally planned. Current sections on the Adventuring site include “About Us,” “Adventure,” “Traverse,” “Forum,” and “Reviews.”

The “About Us” section of describes the website owner(s) as “a group of friends and colleagues,” who intend to report on adventure gear and adventuring spots. Later, however, in the “Who we are?” section, visitors to the site learn that the site is really just run by one person, Chris Hunter, who apparently receives help with this site from his “golden retriever named Snaggle” and his “cat named Dizzy.” The site late states, “?more names later as things gel,” however, as with the website design, it appears things have not yet gelled since inception in 2004.

The “Latest Travel” section of states, in Latin, that the site is still under construction and then offers a “more” button, (apparently to learn more), however the button does not lead anywhere. The “Traverse” section is also in Latin, and has the subheadings “Flights,” “Holiday destinations,” and “Quick links.” Each of the subsections begins with a reminder (in Latin), that the site is still under construction. On the main page of, there is a list of “Adventure Spots” which is also partially in Latin but also lists Mexico, Asia, and “around of Ontario” (sic) along with “extreme travel,” however the links from the list, as with much of the website, do not work.