– Selling Ad Space In A Direct Way

AdTaily.comThe way everything stands right now, the more direct a service the more successful it will be. And by that yardstick, AdTaily has got what it takes for not going unnoticed.

In general terms, it offers a system whereby a webmaster can sell space on his site to people who visit it, and who feel their products could fit in. That is nothing new, but the way such a process is implemented is what makes it all interesting, Basically, AdTaily will let the webmaster place a widget on his site that makes the operation of selling available ad space something quick and to-the-point. The site’s visitor can buy a spot on the website in a mere couple of clicks. He doesn’t even have to upload a banner, in fact. One can be generated by the system using the text that is inputted by the buyer.

The uses for such a system are as many as you can think of – bloggers can use it to engage their readers, iPhone/Facebook app developers can generate a more direct income, and forums can strike up valuable relationships with companies that are connected with the topics that they deal with. And the publisher is the one that sets down the price for the space itself and how often it is paid – daily, weekly, monthly… In Their Own Words

“Enable your visitors to place ads directly on your website and have full control over what is being advertised!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Such a service actually turns every single person who visits a site into a fully-fledged advertiser. The possibilities this has are endless.

Some Questions About

How are actual payments handled?